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Virtual Tours is a New Way to Use Virtual Reality

In the era of rapidly growing IT technology idea of real-world virtualization where every person can choose a shape, communicate with millions of colleagues around the globe and visit all corners of the globe without leaving the computer screen, becomes more and more important. Of course, this virtual world needs to be colourful and attractive and to be as close to the real world special effects as possible and even exceed them. That’s why, all the innovation and technology are designed to create realistic 3D animations with the help of 3D technology allowing you to recreate three-dimensional objects and maps, facilities and location. Thus nowadays technology is very close to full virtual reality which might become a life standard soon.

Due to global modern world computerization Internet audience grows quickly and permanently. Today a total number of Internet users around the globe is more than 2 billion, and the number of mobile subscribers is around 5 billion. Each of them is a potential participant of virtual reality.

That is why people became more and more interested in virtual tours and exhibitions offering opportunity to make a virtual 3D tour, walk through the halls, watch a realistic spherical panorama of rooms, come closer to the exhibits and receive interesting information simply by clicking the mouse, sitting at home.

Advantages of Virtual Tours

  • Huge and growing number of potential visitors, because to make a virtual tour it is enough to have a computer with Internet access;
  • 24/7 open. Opportunity to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Opportunity for elaboration. Virtual tour scope and functionality are not limited. They can allow adding new exhibits, new kinds of virtual tours and functionality which are not provided in real life but might be interesting for visitors. That is why the virtual tour is open for development and experiments, while the real one is always totally conservative and static.
  • Homeliness promotes more convenient viewing of the collections comfortably sitting at home.
  • Increased premise visibility. Quite often, virtual exhibitions rouse you to watch your favorite exhibits in real life. So communication technology motivates to travel helping to see new and beautiful things.
  • Increasing institution interactivity. Nowadays computer technology grows rapidly, presenting the real world on a computer screen or mobile device in the new interactive way where you can feel what you have never felt before, and you can see objects hidden from the eye.

The World During Lockdown

  • Think of the pandemic and the resultant lockdown as our planet’s way of grounding us.For an indefinite period of time, Earth has sent all of us to our rooms, and urged us to think long and hard about our behaviour, before we are allowed to step out again.
  • Now we know that this is important, and us staying confined to our houses for some time, is necessary for the world to go back to normal one day. But that doesn’t nullify the progressively heightening feeling of frustration, especially when we think about all our travel plans that now stand cancelled.
  • Believe you me, I would do anything to teleport to the mountains, or stand in front of a beach right this moment. But unfortunately, since that isn’t feasible, we will have to resort to whatever means we have, to satisfy some of our travel cravings.
  • One of the silver linings we’ve managed to find in this pandemic predicament is the fact that it happened in 2020.Just imagine if this pandemic happened when India was still warming up to the World Wide Web, and not now when most of us have access to WiFi, social media sites, online discussion forums, movie streaming sites and a billion other ways to stay entertained.


From the umpteen things you can choose do online, one is to explore the world of virtual travelling. Virtual travel tours have been increasingly gaining popularity, especially in present times, when VR vacations are our only shot at a holiday. Virtual reality tourism, that includes VR sightseeing, virtual reality beach vacations, virtual reality city tours and even VR space travel, is a mushrooming niche of travelling experiences one can gain access to right from their bed.


In the long term as well, a lot of potential customers might prefer to see a property first online, before deciding to show up for a visit in person. The technology to effectively present real estate properties on the web already exists and this just might be a great time to explore it and make it part of your sales process.

Why Zoom For This ?

Zoom is our recommended solution. It’s a popular video conferencing platform that allows to easily schedule meetings and share a meeting link with all your clients either via email or text messaging. Here’s a guide on how to schedule a meeting on Zoom.

Once you start a meeting, it is also very easy to choose which window on your computer to share with all the participants. Just click on the green button in the middle of the toolbar: Share Screen

Although Zoom has both free and paid options, the free one will be good enough for most cases. The free version is limited to 100 attendants and 40 minutes. As the host of the meeting, we recommend for you to use a PC or laptop with a big screen. However, your prospective clients can use the Zoom mobile app to dial-in.



Showing a guided tour of the property to your audience during an online conference call, not only gives them a great feel of what the property looks like but also allows for real-time interactions. You can guide them around the place, showcasing its best aspects, while the public can ask questions.

Contact us for more details about zoom and virtual tours.

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