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Virtual Office can help your business grow

In this rapidly changing world of work, the workplace culture of businesses is also changing. Many organisations are thriving from remote locations paving way for the concept of virtual offices. A virtual office provides a range of business services that are accessible through the internet allowing your business and your employees the freedom to work remotely.  Along with that, it eliminates the commute time increasing the productivity of your employees. An increasing number of co-working space are offering lucrative deals on these virtual offices to cash on the unique concept of having an office space without really having one.

More and more upscale organisations are taking to virtual office spaces saving their overhead costs in terms of monthly rent, daily amenities, commute and other standard costs that come when you are working from an office.

1. Zero Commute Time- Having a virtual office saves two to three hours typically spent on getting ready and going to work on a daily basis. All that time can be utilised by working and hence being extra productive at what you do.

2. Low or non-existent fixed cost- With no office lease or utility payments, non-existent maintenance charges and really no cost of bearing any associated costs you get a professional business address for your organisation. Some virtual office space providers also provide mail handling services in their membership plans. All those saved cash bills can not only be given to your clients but will also affect the profit chart of your business in the long run. The more you save the more you get to invest in your human resources and other requirements of your business.

3. Approach to global talent- Let’s suppose you landed a client in some other country and you need someone from your organisation to be there once or twice a month. A virtual office solves this need of yours. With all that money you just saved in the establishment of your shared office space, you can always hire resources in the country your client belongs and have them work from home in Central time. This gives your organisation a global network of talent along with representation at the client’s office whenever and however the need arises.

4.  Increased Productivity of Clients- According to a study published in the Medicine Daily, employees who are chained to their desk for more than 11 hours a day are more likely to die a premature death. Hence, having your employees sit at a desk for more than a stipulated amount of time not only hampers their productivity but also has a toxic effect on their health. On the other hand with a furnished office space, your employees have the benefit of working from anywhere making them more mobile, productive and healthy.

5.  Immense Savings on Technology- With practically no particular location binding you and your employees get to pick their own devices for work. This way they can have the technology they have a preference for and can upgrade them according to their own convenience. This not only gives your organisation a whole tech-savvy outlook but also saves you the cost of having stationary tech devices installed at a workplace. Bonus point- Think about the amount of paper you will be saving while working remotely, communicating over emails and instant messaging. It is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly way to work.

6.  Additional business support without any long term commitments- Most virtual offices offer monthly or ad hoc based membership plans eliminating any long term contracts or leases like in the case of a physical office space. You can avail a virtual office address as per your use and pay for it for as long or little you need it.

Other than these, there are loads of additional features to support your business. You don’t have to go worrying about handling business-related queries or calls or even sorting out your mail/post as most virtual offices offer operational support to their members. You get to stay fully operational 24 hours a day with your own receptionist. Moreover, you get additional facilities like meeting rooms and conference rooms that you can use as per your business requirements.

A virtual office provides you with a large number of advantages for your business. Book yours with Book A Webinar and watch your business grow. 

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