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Online Court Is Now In Session: How the Legal World Has Turn to Virtual During COVID-19

Online Court Is Now In Session: How the Legal World Has Turn to Virtual During COVID-19

Legal proceedings around the country have looked very different amid widespread social distancing and stay-at-home mandates during COVID-19. The Indian Supreme Court, for instance, held oral arguments over Zoom for the first time ever. Court system interpreters in India have found virtual simultaneous interpretation capabilities extremely helpful for remote proceedings.

Law firms have also had to turn to serve their clients and fulfil their legal obligations. “Virtual Platform has been an essential part of keeping our business running”.  “We needed to quickly spin and change the way we work, and online platform fit our need for an intuitive and secure solution that our attorneys could start using right away.”

Using Zoom for your virtual law firm

Just how essential has online webinar/meeting been for firms during the pandemic?

·        Business continuity, 

·        Marketing and training

·        Workforce expansion, 

“Virtual Platform has the most robust security features out of any platform that we’ve used, and our users found it much easier than our legacy system”. “Adoption and usage just skyrocketed.”

Additional benefits: Workplace efficiency & community outreach 

The overall efficiency of virtual legal collaboration is another benefit of online platform, according to Australia-based Colin Biggers & Paisley, who used virtual platform even before COVID-19 to connect global legal teams and serve clients more effectively.

With clients spanning multiple practice areas, Colin Biggers & Paisley uses virtual platforms to simultaneously connect clients and its global legal experts, enabling separate legal teams to collaborate on projects using online/virtual real-time document sharing and annotation.

National Law Universities (NLU) School of Law powers its virtual classrooms and delivers top-tier virtual legal education over online. The platform has been critical for not only improving the education of NLU law students but also providing educational opportunities in the communities that need them most.

“We use virtual platform to solve problems and to extend the knowledge base and resources we have here at NLU to other places,” said, Director of Information Technology and Facilities at the NLU School of Law. “It has become a natural part of what we do.”

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