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Empower Your Remote Workforce with Virtual Power

Empower Your Remote Workforce with Virtual Power

Although COVID-19 has changed life for everyone, it has also served as a catalyst for the rise of the remote worker. With most employees working from home, businesses around the world must maintain effective communication with their employees to create an effective work-from-home environment and continue delivering top-tier service to their clients and customers.

Our cloud setup, has a dynamic feature set and unprecedented reliability to help keep your organization connected, giving IT teams, sales teams, receptionists, and executives the tools they need to maximize productivity and maintain an effective communications infrastructure right from home.

This means that workers must rely on their personal mobile devices to communicate with each other and customers without the support of a communications infrastructure.

Virtual Support for Sales Teams 

With virtual setup, sales teams can integrate their personal mobile devices into a broader communications platform, providing sales teams with the flexibility they need to provide exceptional customer service and increase sales from home. Here are some of the benefits that online setup can offer a remote sales team:

  • Auto Attendant:With virtual auto attendant, you can distribute calls based on a round-robin distribution or a first-available distribution, ensuring that your sales team never misses a call.
  • Integrates into CRM:Virtual integrates with many of the leading CRM systems, allowing sales teams to dial customers directly from their CRM and automatically logging interactions with customers.
  • Elevate phone calls:Users can elevate a virtual call directly into a Online Meeting without the need to hang up or reschedule another meeting, providing a seamless transition from a prospective sales call to a live demo.

Zoom Phone for Receptionists

Receptionists need a reliable and well-organized phone system to do their job effectively, and relying on a personal mobile device to answer calls, take messages, and route calls to different departments makes their job almost impossible. Zoom Phone provides receptionists with the functionality of an office phone system on their mobile device, enabling them to support their organization and executives remotely. Here are a few benefits that Zoom Phone can offer a remote receptionist:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR): Zoom Phone’s IVR presents a menu to the caller that allows them to select which department they need, automatically routing calls without requiring the receptionist to answer them.
  • Availability access:If a caller contacts the receptionist and requests a transfer to a specific team member, the receptionist can view that team member’s availability in the Zoom Phone directory and transfer the call to another person or to voicemail if they are not available.
  • Set up a receptionist pool: Admins can set up a pool of receptionists to answer calls, ensuring that there is always a receptionist available to take a call.

IT Teams in Virtual Setup

However, Virtual Setup was designed to simplify remote management and rapid deployment, allowing IT teams to quickly implement the solution and more easily manage how their organization communicates without having to conduct in-person appointments. Virtual system can reduce the burden on remote IT teams by offering:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning: For those who prefer to use a desk phone, employees can plug in their desk phone at their remote office and our provisioning servers will automatically configure itself for their virtual account.
  • Remote management: Using the virtual web portal, admins and IT teams can assign calling plans, change phone user settings, customize business hours, and adjust call routing settings.
  • Rapid deployment: If you’re already a virtual support customer, you can activate a Zoom Phone calling plan and Zoom Phone will automatically show up in the user client. If you need assistance deploying virtual system, or even implement the solution for you; we can be as hands on or hands off as you need.

Online/Virtual Setup for Executives

Working remotely as an executive can present a number of challenges. Without an executive administrator or assistant to actively manage and delegate all their calls, executives are forced to take and return calls on their personal phone number, which can lead to privacy concerns and difficulty in prioritizing communications. Virtual system provides executives with the communications infrastructure they need to properly manage the operations of their organization, their time, and their budget:

  • Prioritize communications: Executives can delegate incoming calls to an assistant using their desktop or mobile application, allowing them to focus on the most important calls.
  • Call reporting: Executives can actively monitor the performance of their sales and customer service teams with online/virtual reporting, allowing them to monitor talk times, how calls are answered, and how effective their teams are.
  • Preserve your budget: Virtual system provides different call plans that organizations can mix and match, with unlimited plans for heavy users and a “pay-as-you-go” plan for lighter users, allowing organizations to stretch their communications budget even further.

To learn more about how virtual setup can empower your remote workforce to deliver professional customer service and enhance productivity, read our blogs on virtual & online system.

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